Help! Made a mess of my data after cloning Win to SSD

So, first I cloned my windows partition to my new SSD-disk, changed boot priority in bios and it worked. Done and done I thought... But a few weeks after (today) I just realized I had done something very stupid.

Turns out that the new SSD-disk from which I am running windows on (active & primary) had received the letter E:
The old one which I never deleted ( :sleep: ) kept having C:.

This means that every shortcut (linking to C:) I run opened up the program from the C: drive.
Every configuration or update I made using that program was stored in C: right? Now I got the system configurations on E: and some other programs on C: :D

Can I do something about this? Some sort of program that replaces files on E: with the same files on C: only if C: has a newer file version? And something that finds the files that only exists on C: but not E:


/ Aron
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  1. Hmm maybe a mod could move this to the application sub-forum?
  2. cloning to a ssd is usually a bad idea .
  3. How come?
  4. Hi noar11, first off do you still have the original drive connected? if so disconnect the original drive that showing as the C: drive then reboot and go into the bios, set the SSD as the main boot drive. save your settings and reboot, it should now pickup the SSD drive as your C: drive. once you have done that reconnect the old drive and it will be reassigned a new drive letter.
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