1 SSD and 1HDD no raid, how do I install windows?

I'm using a 128 GB SSD for Windows 7 and games, and I have a 1TB HDD for everything else. My question is do I need to install Windows on both drives? Beacause I already have windos on the SSD , but I'm not showing my HDD under MY Computer. Please advise thx
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    Has the 1TB drive ever been used before? If not, go into disk management and initialize/format the drive at which point it should get a drive letter assigned to it. Then it will appear under my computer.
  2. ^ Do NOTHING with mechanical HDD untill you have install windows on SSD!!!

    Disconnect HDD - connect SSD

    Set Bios to ahci and Install windows 7

    IF your is an Intel chipset (ie H/P5x, or X58, or uses the ICH7 or later southbridge AND your SSD uses the SF12xx controller. Download the latest Intel RST driver, also the "F6" driver (Ver 9.6 or later). Do a custom instal. On the page that ask where to instal, check the check box for "Have driver". When asked broose to the Thumb drive that you put the F6 driver on.

    Disregard Note if on AMD platform) - do a normal installation and use the default mssoft ahci driver.
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  4. OK I figured it out! For Windows 7 go -Start menu-Rclick Computer-Manage-Disk Management, and then right click the white portion for disk 1 and initialize. Just follow the wizards steps and presto done deal.

    Thanks Hawkeye22! This version is for the super noob;)
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