Best OC recommendations for my setup...

Hey guys, I just went absolutely stupid on buying all new PC parts, so now I want to push a OC to ensure I am not bottlenecking my GPU and get the best I can out of some games and productivity. Here is my setup;

ATI 6950 2GB (flash BIOS to 6970)
Asus P8P67 DELUXE mobo
16gb Corsair DDR3-1666 (underclocked by auto settings in bios, gotta fix that)
OCZ Vertex 2 160gb SSD
Seagate 2TB data drive (ST32000641AS) (SATA 6gbs)
212 CPU cooler
Thermaltake GT-10 case (not the 800 dollar one, the 300 dollar one, lol)
Thermaltake PSU 850
Win 7 pro x64

some vanity items like
Aerocool Touch-2000 thingy for giggles
memory card reader
4 slot ram memory cooler with 2 fans and lights. (spider)

This mobo has a GUI bios, and settings I have never seen before but I imagine I can noob my way through it to set some stuff setup.

I read that I can push 4.5 on air but I see no real need to wear out the CPU or longevity of it so maybe a good 4 or 4.2OC

Any suggestions on tweaking this system would be greatly appreciated.
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