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I recently purchased a new system (see specs below). I intially tried to run 1680x1050 but found that my monitor would not support a high enough refresh rate to stop the black flickering. I therefore turned it down to 1440x900 which gets much less flicker and get run at 75hz. However at this resolution I get green flashing dots along certain objects on the Desktop and in games. The dots are grouped, each is a pixel and it usually occurs on light green/yellow coloured objects.

I have updated my drivers, my GPU is running at a cool temp and they are not dead pixels.

Vista Home 64
Nvida GTX 285 1G
8 Gig Ram
i7 920 CPU
22 Inch Monitor

Can anyone help?

Many Thanks,

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  1. Hi Gecko, welcome!

    Perhaps you can try another display with your system, to see if those green dots are specific to your display, or your video card?
  2. i have this problem as well, they wherent there when i initially installed windows 7 so i might try re-installing windows 7 and see if that fix's it. not sure why they started to appear
  3. Is this a CRT or flat panel?
    Either way: Check the cables are the correct type and fully connected and take a look at the Nvidia control panel and check your display is correctly configured in the drivers.
  4. Make sure the cables don't have any damaged pins.
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