Is CM V6GT better that TT Frio?

is CM V6GT better that TT Frio?
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  1. No, the TT Frio is much better but more noisy too.
  2. Equals just about. In almost every test, they nearly tie. Get whichever is cheaper. Both of them scale better with higher speed fans due to their fin arrangement. If silence is your game, don't get either. With low speed fans, there is no difference between them and the hyper 212+. I own a V6 regular, if you have any questions about it.
  3. Both are equals imo.
    Good coolers,a little louder then most,both are big 165mm tall.
    Good deal if you find them for $50 on sale = i've seen it before.
  4. Both are similar..But i think the Frio is just a bit better because of the higher cfm fans...But it'll make your system loud if that's what you want :) lol....
  5. I have used the Frio and its seriously loud but does have fan controllers so you can turn it down if you don't need it on full. The annoying thing is its a few mm taller than other 120mm coolers and therefore didn't fit in my case when a 212+ and Thermax Eclipse 2 did.
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