Help! how do i setup


i have an ide drive that i need to get some stuff off of but i am using my sata drive as boot
now i have the molex power
the ide cable from asus
i have the hard drive

which end goes in to the motherboard (black or blue or grey?) and which goes into the ide hard drive ( secondary)

how to set it up and what are jumpers are they needed for this config?
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  1. where it says GbE LAN near that is a black capacitor thing and its slightly bent on my board how bad is that or will it be fine and im worrying too much?

    also is it ok not to use mounting screws for hard drive to case?

    another thing i got a new power supply and the fan is pointing directly down on my motherboard its right next to it how bad is it for an antec hcg520 power supply to be positioned like that im worried it will blow parts off my motherboard or suck them in is that right?
  2. Look closely at the labels on the IDE drive. Use them to guide you how to set the jumper(s) on pins on the drive's back edge, between the 4-pin Molex power connector and the 40-pin (ribbon) data cable connector. Since this will be the only device on the IDE port and cable, it MUST have jumper(s) set to make it a Master. This will NOT affect what drive the machine boots from.

    On the ribbon cable, the BLUE connector on one end goes to the IDE port on your mobo - it only fits in one way. The BLACK connector on the other end goes to the drive - again, only one way. The GREY connector in the middle is unused. Connect the 4-pin Molex power supply, too. It is preferred to fasten the drive into a slot with one or two screws for mechanical support and electrical grounding, but it is NOT entirely necessary. I have run them just sitting on top of the case or on the desktop, and an insulating sheet under the drive.

    When you boot up, I recommend you go into BIOS Setup and check two things. The first is to verify that the drive has been detected by the BIOS properly, and that the IDE port is Enabled. The second is to go to the Boot Priority Sequence setting place and make sure this unit is NOT in the boot sequence. A few mobos will try to set the IDE port Master device as the boot device by default, and you don't want that. If you have to change anything, Save and Exit to save the settings and boot the machine. Your drive should show up in My Computer with its own new letter name and all its files accessible.
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