Overclock everything? or one thing?

Okay, so i'm a total noob when it comes to overclocking. I understand some of the basics however i want to learn more before i go messing around with my rig. First of all I understand that I can overclock a graphics card, CPU, and Motherboard.

So what i want to know is should I overclock all three of them? Or just one? And how will overclocking each benefit me? I understand pushing a CPU from 3.3 to say 4.0 will produce a significant increase in speed, however what exactly will happen if i overclock my graphics card or motherboard?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Increasing the CPU speed gives a good boost to just about everything, overclocking the GPU will give a few more FPS in games, you use the motherboard to overclock the CPU. You can overclock other parts of the MB like NB frequency which is as I see it just a bit of fine tuning when you overclock the CPU.
  2. okay, what exactly is the NB frequency and how would overclocking it benefit me?
  3. Here is a beginners guide with some decent suggestions:

    Unless you have an unlocked multiplier this is the way you would need to overclock...
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