Help with my new build

Hi everyone !! I am a newbie here and i need your help..

I'm hooking up a rig for my htpc.. so before i jump onto any other components i want to decide on the cpu and mobo combination..

I was thinking about :
1. A Core i7 920 + Asus Rampage II Gene
2. Phenom X3 720 + Asus M4A78T-E

I primarily use my rig to watch a lot of hi-def movies in full 1080P glory and some games(latest ones)..

So which one should i lock on to ?? Is the AMD combo sufficient for my needs or should i buy the Intel one...

I don't mind spending.. But I don't wanna waste money if the performance difference isn't too much..

Any other suggestions are also welcome..

So guys plz help me out..
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  1. All you really need is a fast dual core and a good video card.
  2. HTPCs really don't require as much performance as you might be led to believe. Like daship said, a fast dual core would fit your needs fine. As for the video card, you don't need as high end of one as you may think. I would look at getting an AMD Phenom II X2 or X3 CPU and a motherboard from a good brand that goes with it. I'm not an expert on the particular models of AMD CPUs out right now, but maybe something along these lines:
  3. +1 for not needing the i7. Thing to remember about HD, is your PC is just playing it back to you, not creating in the first place, as it would be with a high def game. The AMD should be more than enough with a half decent GPU*. Or you could treat yourself to an upgrade for your gaming pc, and use the old bits of that for the HTPC ;)

    *And only half decent. Really doesn't need to be a GTX295 or anything!
  4. hey thanks a lot everyone....

    ok i'll go with a x3... its a bit better than a dual core anyways...:)

    now is the mobo i've selected ok ??

    any other boards u guys suggest ???
  5. Looks like a good choice of board. Just chuck in an HD4770 or higher and you're away!
  6. It seems to get pretty decent reviews across the board. Again, I'm not sure you need anything that snazzy, but we can all appreciate that particular urge!
  7. this is a fresh assembly and hence i wanna be future proof and go only for ddr3 ram and am3 socket...
  8. Oh, I'm not having a pop! I'd be exactly the same. In fact, there is a Gigabyte board for the same sort of money that I've got my eye on......
  9. and guys..i wanna try unlocking the fourth core...and i read a lot of reviews saying that the gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p is better at it... since gigabyte still gives users the option to unlock the disabled cores...

    so should i go for Asus M4A78T-E or gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p ??
  10. DeeTee_uk are u talking about this gigabyte mobo ?
  11. mi1ez...i'm a big gta 4 fan... waited all this while to play it on the pc platform...

    so a single 4770 sufficient for this and all the upcoming new games or should i go for something higher like 4890
  12. Yes, that or the UD5P. It's a bit early for me as I won't be upgrading until the new year. I like Gigabyte boards just because I have experience with them, and they tend to overclock well, so obviously my opinion is coloured by that a bit.
  13. thanks dee_tee
    back here in india we tend to rate asus above gigabyte...
    so i was apprehensive in the beginning...
    but since gigabyte's got nice reviews i wanna consider it...

    so its like this : x3 720 + 1. Gigabyte ga-ma790xt-ud4p
    2. Asus M4A78T-E

    i still wanna read some reviews before i finally decide on something
  14. Best answer
    Well, that's the key, isn't it? Have a look around, read why the reviewers rate one above the other, and make your choice. I don't think either would be a bad choice.
  15. thanks again...
    will get back to bother u again with other components :)

    maybe tomo...
    bye for now...
  16. hey hi again every one....

    so with the processor and mobo decided (almost decided !) :)

    now i wanna focus on the graphics card...

    i want a graphics card that'll let me stream 8 channel lpcm to my receiver through an hdmi cable along with the 1080 video content
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