Can i fit these components in this chassis

I'm considering to buy a new computer, but it needs to be multifunctional and not to occupate lots of space... ( I live in a small recovered loft in the medieval center of a small town and so the space is not much)
So, I want to build a computer that is a media center and also a rendering machine (and of course a gaming machine).
I'm considering to buy a Nox media black+imon and a core i7 920, asus p6t, 12gb of ddr3, radeon hd 1870 1gb ddr5, 1 tb hard drive, etc...
So what I need to know is, can I fit these components in that case?

thanks in advance for all answers to this question of mine! :)
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  1. all would fit except the asus p6t you need a microatx mobo the best one is

    ASUS Rampage II GENE LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

    and why the hell would u need 12gb of ram 6 gb of ram is enough and as for the gpu i think that you mean 4870 not 1870 and try to look at a one with an excellent cooling so that it would run cool because the microatx case airflow isn't good as the full tower or the mid-tower,hope i have helped you
  2. Thanks!
    u've helped me!
    about the 12 gb of ram it's still an idea (the whole computer still is), and about the gpu, it was a mistake, I will buy a 4870 (since I've seen on the article that the 4890 isn't much better, yet it costs a little bit more) :)
  3. ^ the 4890 is actually quite a bit better, it's just that reviews are usually created early on in the components life so the drivers aren't upto the best they can be. Now you'll expect a 15-40% performance increase going upto the 4890.

    oh and look at the MSI X58M, it's basically a $180 version of the rampage Gene.
  4. well IMO the 4890 is worth the extra,as for the motherboard i don't like msi as i heard many bad things about them especially when it comes to motherboards and they don't made a good quality ones and their motherboards run very hot so i wouldn't take the risk with a msi motherboard to save 80 bucks but it's also his choice whether to take the risk or spend 80 bucks more and get a high quality motherboard
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