Admin permissions?

I've tried using the Security owner renaming, virtually everything, and I can't seem to set permissions. I'm constantly running into installation programs that can't install simply because it doesn't say I have access. I've noticed "trustedinstaller" probably means for some programs it lets them write in the program files, but I'm trying to install some programs like 7-zip and it simply doesn't work unless I put it in Program Files (x86) (why would that make a difference?!) When I try to change ownership it simply says access is denied every time.

I found a reg file edit which lets you "take ownership" via the right click menu. I did this to all the main folders of the harddrive, it said it succeeded, but nothing was changed...

If it matters my setup is

Windows 7 Pro
P8P67 Pro
i7 2600k
16 GB HyperX
1 x 500GB OS install
1 x 1TB backup
1 x 750 GB gaming
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  1. if this is your computer you should prob run it as administrator, if its not your computer talk to the admin.
  2. thanks for the reply but I am administrator, it doesn't seem to matter. It always says access is denied.
  3. That's how I would do it too.

  4. Are you sure your user account is set to administrator?

  5. Unilike XP but as in Vista, you may have an administrator level User Account but you aren't the Administrator, as in System Administrator - that account has purposely been hidden by Microsoft for reasons known only to them.

    Go into c:\windows\system32 and double click on cmd.exe to bring up a Command Prompt form and at the prompt, type:-

    net user administrator {yourusername} {yourpassword} then hit Enter.

    If granted a success message, then type
    net user Administrator active:yes and hit Enter - note teh capital A - it is important.

    If you then restart into Safe Mode with Networking, you should see the Administrator on the login screen - log into that account and you will have the elevated permissions you seek, possibly allowing you to let other accounts have them as well in the Registry under Policies and Group Policy if not in the ordinary settings.

  6. You said they don't work unless you put them in Program Files (x86), are you trying to change the default setup location? If it works in that directory, install it there.
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