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Ok so I got a new case and when I took out my MOBO from the old CASE that the MOBO came with I forgot to look how it was hooked up with front panel i connected it like it says on Intel site but nothing........i even took the switch off the old case and hooked it up and nothing I can get the Power LED and HD LED to come on both the new switch and old switch from the emachine tower but not the power switch to work......any help much appreciated!!! my MOBO is a Intel D945GCLG1 it came in a eMachines T5224

from Intel

my connectors are
Power LED +
Power LED -
Reset Switch
Power Switch


Item Code: MBIN591EU
Item Manufacturer: INTEL
Model: D945GCLG1
Label Info and Comments: CORYVILLE 2 MOTHERBOARD
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    Pins 6 and 8 are the Power On switch. If attaching the POWER SW lead in the pic to those pins and power on results in no system start up, the MB is likely shorted out to the case. Use the brass risers in the new case to mount the MB into the case properly.

    Shorting pins 6 and 8 with the tip of a screwdriver will power the system on. Again, if no power to the system results when shorting pins 6 and 8, a short from the MB to the case is the likely casue of no power up with the system.
  2. will the green light by the main power connection on the MOBO still be on if shorted? and thanks for the info I will try and see if thats the deal thanks again man
  3. Well, if shorting pins 6 and 8 with the POWER SW lead or by touching the 6/8 pins with a screwdriver do not power the system on, a short to the MB is likely causing the system to not power on. The MB must be mounted in the case properly (use the brass risers to keep the MB from touching the case metal). Also, be sure to check that every cable is attached firmly (Sata, IDE, etc.) as well as the RAM, video card and PCI cards are firmly seated. Perhaps reseat them. These could also cause the system to fail to power on if not installed properly.

    The green light likely shows the MB has power, but a short would still prevent the system from powering on.
  4. Thats what those were for (brass risers) lol thanks!!!! trying now be back soon
  5. Okay the computer is up and running BUT it sits with a underscore at the top left of the screen for about 1.5minutes or 2 minutes before its hows the emachines logo and other info, any ideas? and thanks SO much for the other help worked like a charm
  6. If it always boots, but it's just slow, you may have turned on the BIOS option for the long memory test. Call up the BIOS and look in Advanced Options and look for something like "Long Memory Self Test" or "Complete Self Test" and turn it off. Or turn on "Short Self Test".

    And you should award badge with a "Best Answer".
  7. Sorry been busy guys. The long boot was because I left the IDE DVD+R drive plugged up to the MOBO without Power after I connected power to the drive the PC booted fine lol.

    This is a VERY helpful forum I will never go anywhere else for answers.
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