Whats Wrong With My GFX Card [PIC]

Yo Guys. Seriously i am gonna tell the truth and you guys might just already know that problem. I took my ATI Radeon X800 and 1GB of Ram and Inserted it in my Moms HP desktop. [not rly a noob.i know how to install hardware]. I dont know if it matters if there is an ATI in an Intel Machine. I have all the drivers up to date and and DirectX9 installed. As you can see in the pictures, this happenes MOST of the time. Some times if i am lucky i can exit Source and rejoin and somtimes everything seems normal but other times i get random ass spikes on my guns and wierd ***. But the main prob is the wierd checker boards. It even goes on mydesktop so i know its the card some how. Plz help.

Specs on this comp:
1Gb Ram
Radeon X800
xp SERVICE pack 3

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  1. http://www.playtool.com/pages/artifacts/artifacts.html

    The videocard needs to be replaced. It's been damaged.
  2. Or you could try this:


    And yes, the technique is call 'reflowing' and is widely used in the electronics industry, albeit in a slightly more controlled fashion.
  3. If its damaged why could it be that the checkerboard thing happens SOMETIMES
  4. Okay. Underclock it and play for an hour. If no problem, then it's still useable.
  5. Never Overclocked Btw. I just updated my Chipset and ready to play. I will let you know. Thanks
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