Asus p5b deluxe + RAID0 problem

I have motherboard asus p5b deluxe and two HDD's. One is seagete barracuda and one is hitachi deskstar. They both have 320gb of space, 16mb cache and 7200rpm. I connected them to plugs SATA 1 and SATA 2. I updated bios on version 1238 and set RAID. On startup i pressed Ctrl + I and the setup for RAID appered. Both disk were recognized so I had no problem setting up the RAID0 volume. Problem started when i rebooted. The status of RAID volume is failed and down, on disk list once shows hitachi disk, once segate (it looks like one disk is failing or I don't know what). If I restart computer eventully after few restarts RAID volume's status becomes successful. I managed to install windows 7 on volume and in windows everything is working fine. Now, when OS is installed, another problem appered. On boot when RAID status is successful, it says that it cannot boot because there is no system. In BSD menu i cannot choose to boot form RAID even though it's status is successful. Then I have to do restart until the windows starts.

Any ideas?
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  1. Two different brand hard drives is likely the problem.
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