Installed Hyper212+ and now WIN7 doesnt load.

I bought a hyper212+ in hopes of overclocking my cpu later. I installed it to what seems like correct as this is my first after market heatsink and in the bios all my components look to be recognized, my hdd's cd drives and ram and even the cpu shows a lower temperature in the bios. When booting up everything looks fine its just that windows 7 doesnt load (colored balls dont show at all) and then I get this message where software or hardware might be the problem and error code 0xc000000f. I tried the boot cd thing but that did not work either. My bios is up to date and that is about all the info I can think of right now. Thanks for all you help.
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  1. After you exit the bios, do you hear any beeps and could you describe them?
  2. Hi.

    1- What are you rig's specs?
    2- Do you have the rig overclocked?
    3- Did you tried reseting the BIOS? More easy, Can you enter to the BIOS?
    4- What exactly error and message show you the screen?
  3. No beeps or noises or anything like that. Nothing is overclocked except my video card overclocked by evga precision, and I have not reset the BIOS (is that when you pull the battery?) and I can get into the Bios. In BIOS everything seems to be detected its just Windows cannot load.

    Error message says theres been a hardware or software change and to try use the install disk because error 0xc000000f. When trying to use the disk it makes it upto starting windows then it just hangs there with no colored balls floating.

    P5N-E Sli, 6gb ddr2 800 ram, WD 640gb drive(OS on this) , WD 80gb(old drive, now blank) EVGA GTX 460 1gb, coolermaster 750 psu, and hyper 212+ heatsink.
  4. i think i might have solved my problem. apparently my 2 different types of ram (4gbs of g.skill and 2gbs of kingston) didnt work out too well when installing this new hardware even though i have been using 6gbs like that for a few months. thanks for all the help and i hope this is the end to my troubles
  5. Ok.

    Remove the battery for 10 or 15 seconds and install it again, after that enter to the BIOS and select "load default settings". Try to boot again and let me know the results.
  6. Ah was the fan on the hyper 212+ pushing against one of your sticks? or the ram just decided to not work today? So evil. I had that happen when I installed my SSD. I booted up and my screen artifacted. My vcard decided to die during installation of windows on it and thought I had botched something >.<
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