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Hello guys, I need some help troubleshooting. First of all, first time builder. I followed every instruction for every piece of hardware. However, instead of using the factory heatsink that came with the amd x4 955be, I used the Zalman CNPS 9900 cpu cooler. Now my problem is that, after I installed all of my hardware and booted, I get nothing on the monitor. The chassis speaker makes no beeps (except the one small beep at startup, only after a shutdown, but not after resets).
-I am using OCZ 4gb ddr3-1600 black edition for memory. I've tested each one out to see if it was a memory issue. I don't think that was the case.
-I also have two xfx 5770's. I tried them both, then one after the other to see. The only notable difference was that one card's fan spun louder (and maybe faster) than the other one.
-The power supply I am using is the Corsair 850TX. I don't think it's the PSU simply because the motherboard powers up as well as all of the fans and even the SATA CD drive.
-I haven't found out what "quick boot" is. But I have tried to enable to jumper, allowing resetting of the bios, which I tried, but for change in outcome.
-I think it may be the CPU. But then again, the Asus user guide says that the speaker should make pretty specific beeps if it was am issue. As I've stated before the only beeping noise that is audible at the startup is a very instant beep. According to Asus, one short beep could mean "VGA detected, Quick Boot set to disabled, no keyboard detected". That said, I'm using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Do I have to use a PS/2 keyboard?
-I should also add that I checked every connection to ensure everything was properly secured.

What do you guys think it might be? I'm very much open to advice, as this is a completely new experience.
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  1. Whether your motherboard requires a keyboard to be attached or not varies with the motherboard. Having said that if your motherboard does require a keyboard to be connected, a wireless keyboard will not function until your Operating system is loaded and the drivers installed, so if it requires a keyboard to start up, it will need a wired keyboare - either PS/2 or USB. My wifes computer refused to boot after we installed a wireless keyboard and mouse, and we had to keep an old PS/2 keyboard connected to it so that it would boot.
  2. That is intersting. I have tried using a USB mouse and keyboard but I do not think it will work. I will try using a ps2 keyboard.
  3. Well the main problems are that the USB ports don't power on and that it's not detecting a monitor. Any sugesstions?
  4. Actually I learned the board was doa. I found help on the asus support site and indeed the mobo was not posting. Fortunately newegg rma'd another for me. Hope this helps any beginners!
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