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I have a windows XP system...When I boot up I get no monitor display. The monitor comes on and says no signal detected then goes into sleep mode. I am using a VGA signal. What I have done so far see below:

1) Swap out monitor with known good monitor still no display.
2) Remove video card and put in another computer, card worked.
3) Verified the ATX PC power supply is good.
4) CPU fan is on.
5) Can hear the hard drive doing something?
6) I tried another hard drive but still no monitor display.
7) Removed Ram and Reset still no display.

Not sure what went wrong?...but when the system was going bad you had to hit the reset switch on computer after powering up to get the monitor to display when it did work. But now the reset switch does not help. I do not get any screen at all.

The mother board is a MSI K9N Neo with AMD processor..the Ram is PC2 6400 1GB EL DDR2

What do I need to do?
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  1. How did you test the power supply?

    Replace RAM, then try a new motherboard.
  2. I tested the power supply with the plug connected to the mother board and then made measurements at each connection on the back of the plug connection.

    Is there any way to test the current Ram?
  3. memtest86 ISO (make boot cd or usb stick) to check ram.
    To test the video slot, use another known good card in that pc.
  4. This is most likely the power supply or the motherboard. You'll have to check the RAM in another system, but memtest takes a long time. You may be better off just swapping RAM from a working system to see if that fixes it.
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