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This motherboard, manufacturer, and bios versions are confusing me to no end. Alright, my board came with BIOS version 7.0(oldest I can find version too), the latest version I see on their website is 8.6, but when I used their automatic tool it updated me to only 7.3. As I look I see that 7.3, came out after 8.1. So my question is, is attempting to upgrade to 8.6 a good idea? Or will it simply not work with my motherboard since I got it before the 8.x series of drivers came out?
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  1. I have found the same issue, MSI has two similar MOBO's x58 pro crossfire and the x58 pro SLI. I have found the bios we are looking for is is the 7.xx series and the SLI version is the 8.xx series. I sent msi an email and they never got back to me about two versions of the bios's being listed for the same board. Don't worry, the x58 bios version you have 7.3 is the latest one there is, as far as I have found. Don't flash the 8.xx series bios because it is not for your board.
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