GeForce 7300 GT or Sapphire 9200 SE

My computer's configuration is as follows:

Celeron 2.6 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM

I have the option to buy any one of the two agp cards: Geforce 7300 GT (256 MB) or Sapphire 9200 SE (128 MB)

Which one should I buy for optimal performance? One of my friends says that the Sapphire should work as good as the GeForce because my PC is low on configuration. Is it true?
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  1. The Geforce will suck less.

    The rest of your PC isnt low end enuf to slow down either of those cards.
  2. lol.. yeah thanx.. i'm actually going out now to buy that one.. looking forward to run Zero Hour in Windows and Cedega in Ubuntu..
  3. well good luck to you, both of those cards aren't really worth anything anymore
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