DDR2 Prices... OMG!

I built a gaming rig about 6-7 months ago and bought 4gb(2x2gb) of G.Skill ram and the price was around $40.

I just built a i7 rig for someone about 2 weeks ago and got OCZ Gold 6gb for like $150... well, my brother's rig is running 2gb of DDR2 and for Xmas, I was going to get him the same 4gb of ram I have and I looked at newegg this morning and literally rubbed my eyes and looked twice. $93.99 for the DDR2... I can't find it under that price... Is it because the DDR3 is becoming more popular... I can't belive the jump in price just over 6 months.
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  1. I couldnt believe it either but thats the sad reality. DDR3 is well at home now and they probably stopped manufacturing ddr2
  2. Yes I also was wondering about these price hikes in DDR2. If you find out anything be sure to post.
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