Will 1.93v hurt 1.8v Memory?

I'm not real computer savvy, but I can manage to plug together parts and install an OS. For my last build (last night), I used a BIOSTAR MCP6P M2+ 6.X motherboard and two WINTEC AMPO 3AMD2800-2G2K-R 1 gig strips that I borrowed from my main PC.

The specs for the memory state that it is 1.8v.
The lowest option in the BIOS is 1.95v.
I have it set to AUTO and it says it's supplying 1.93v.

I only ran the computer for a few hourse, but everything seems perfectly stable.

Is the extra .13v a cause for concern?

I don't want to fry the memory, but I don't want to spend the money on buying more expensive memory if I don't have to.

Thank you,
- Dan
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  1. You will be fine, ddr2 must withstand 2.3v before permanent damage is caused and below 2.1v im sure youre safe. I have 1.8v rated memory in one of my machines and its been running at 2.1v(+overclocked) for about 18 months now and its still fine.
  2. Agree with MaDMagic. Running your memory at 1.93 volts will be safe.
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