Where does it show how many posts you made on tomshardware?

I really did not know where to post this, but the topic pretty much says it all :)
-Is there any way to seeing how many total posts you have made on the website? I checked everywhere I am pretty sure and no luck...any help?
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    Click "more information" under your name XD
  2. OMG!! I knew it would be something so stupidly simple right under my nose...!!!! Thanks man. I will give you best answer for that.
  3. if you go into your profile, there is an option of status/badges. there you will find how many points you have/ badges and how close you are to earning the next step.
  4. yeah i know that, but it never showed there how many posts you made, but in more information it does :)
  5. Was this thread just to increase your number of posts? :P
  6. Yeah...definitely

    -I seriously had no clue where to find how many posts you made...
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