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What is the normal fan speed for a PSU? (I know it will vary by model, but approximately what range?)

It's a 550W PSU.

I fired up PC Probe II for my Asus mobo and it gave me a warning saying it was only doing 41 RPM.

However, I can feel it pushing some air back there, about the same (or relatively close to it) as the case fan below it, which is spinning well well over that into thousands of RPM according to the probe.

So what is the deal, just an inaccurate reading?
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  1. Does it feel hot to touch? Probably just inaccurate.
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    PSUs with variable speed fans can operate with the fan stopped if the load is light enough. The "normal" fan speed depends entirely on the load - as long as the PSU doesn't overheat it should be fine.

    I had the BIOS warning about low fan speeds and solved the problem by disabling it.
  3. It's not hot at all. Feels cool, same with the air coming out.
  4. templetonpeck said:
    It's not hot at all. Feels cool, same with the air coming out.

    no worries then

    as stated psu's with variable fans will slow down when they aren't needed
  5. I take it your PSU does actually have a fan speed sensor attached to the motherboard? Otherwise, the reading fom PC Probe II is not a reading of the fan speed.

    At 41rpm, you would be able to see the individual fan blades as they rotate.

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