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In need of an OCverclocking guide/tutor (AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE)

Hi all,
Just finished building my first PC:
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
ASROck M3A770de
ATI Radeon HD 5770
8GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator RAM

Everything is great and I am loving it. I'm currently overclocking at 3.6Ghz just using the optimised settings in my BIOS menu, Whenever I go higher the system because unstable and crashes in games. However I would like to get a grasp of how to manually edit and tweak my overclocking settings in hope of getting the best possible result. I have read this article:, a number of times but I'm a bit lost with regards to the memory settings which 4ryan6 points out to do at the start of the guide. If someone would be willing to run me through the process which I have to go through to get the best overclocking results that would be great.

Dunny Woods

EDIT: Sorry, I'm not sure I made this clear. But I just cant 't get my head around what settings to change for my memory and I don't want to just dive in there and mess it up. After I have my memory settings sorted I think I can follow the guide and get the hang of things.
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  2. Ok point taken.
  3. So I've got my CPU frequency @ 4.00ghz but i get bsod when running 3dmark06 I've increased the voltage to around 1.36 in the bios but in cpu-z it says my voltage is 1.41.
    Any help as too which is right?
  4. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    All that you need is here:

    But for now I can say you that 1.36V in BIOS for 4GHz aren't enough.

    Disable Turbo Core and PCIE Spread Spectrum.
  5. Hi and thanks.
    Yeah that' the guide I have been using and it has worked great except CPU-Z is telling me that my voltage is 1.41 but in BIOS it is only set at 1.36V so I don't want to sety it too high in BIOS if that is wrong and CPU-Z is right, because 1.40V is the maximum recommended voltage for my CPU and I'd like to not go too far past this.
  6. You cooler isn't a very good one. 1.40V is the recommended voltage with the stock cooler, but always that you temps in load stay below 55ºC you can go with 1.5V.
  7. Ok thanks for the tips. My CPU rarely goes over 40ºC even under full load so I should be OK i think. I will just keep tweaking.
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