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Hello. I am looking to build a desktop from budget is within 800-1000$ closer to the 800 area. I will be using this computer for medium gaming plus photoshop. Looking for a good build that is efficient and powerful enough to fit my needs. my budget is not including monitor keyboard mouse etc.. just the hardware. If you guys can suggest some good builds for me i would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. What currency and does this include tax?
  2. read the sticky please
  3. amd or intel platform? any preferences. for the low amount of money you suggested, i'd go with amd. if you have 1500 i'd definetly go with intel.
  4. amd phenom 955

    mobo with crossfire support


    psu with crossfire support


    heatsink in case you oc, which you should

    hard drive

    total right now $665

    as far as graphics card, wait till 5850 comes out soon. if not get this

    total cost with graphics-$790
    now you can upgrade for more ram/hard drive/better graphics if yo choose to do so

    do you need operating system? or do you have one laying around.
  5. windows 7 have a free rc out. give that a try
  6. The rig godless has chosen is almost exactly what I would have picked, and very similar to a rig I specced out recently. They're excellent choices, and to be recommended.
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