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Hi everyone,
I am currently overclocking my sapphire hd 6870 and was wondering if it would be better to push the memory a little further or to push the core a little further?

My current clocks are:
Core:975MHZ (900 standard)
Memory:1150MHZ (1050 standard)

I was wondering if it would be better to overclock the core or the memory? i was going to try and get to 1000MHZ on the core but idk if it would be better to do the memory instead?

so far my max temps are 78C in furmark after running it for an hour or so

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    You'll have to test it on the games you run. The core is what usually makes the most difference, but if you don't see improved frame rates (most games have some sort of FPS meter) by raising the core, you may have to raise the memory speed to be able to feed it more stuff faster. If neither one give a performance boost, then the game isn't GPU-limited. Only having a higher CPU clock would help in that instance.
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