Best router for gaming and wifi N?

I have a laptop with the new N wifi thing and I want a router with the packet prioritization something. What should I get?
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  1. what sort of budget are you looking at?

    I personaly love Dlink's DIR-655 for cable
  2. I would certainly like cheaper (I can get that for
    $90 refurbished).

    But I forgot to mention, it needs to maintain full (or normal) wireless n speed while also operating with slower g devices at good g speeds. That and QoS are important. Good performance and stuff.

    Can I get the same features for cheaper?
    Ok I see here that the D Link is faster than all these competitors, but still faster with mixed n/g devices. It looses about 1/3 of its speed though. :(
  3. I think you may be hard pushed to get better for less, the DIR-625 may be a bit cheaper but will probably have the same speed issue you looked at.

    I think all wireless Ns will drop in speed when using multiple types of wireless conection, for example -;psum

    A much more expensive router and while this one only drops by about 20% its only half the speed to start with.

    I just I'll add - The Belkin N1, in my experiance, is very poor for gaming and large file downloads - I had 2 of these both sufered from an over heating bug that caused them to drop all wired/wireless conections multiple times a day for about half a second.
  4. Ok. New question, related. Can I make the DLINK operate in n-only mode at full speed while my old linksys runs in g mode on a different channel but still connect all computers to the same LAN?
  5. You sure can, but you might run into wireless interference issues running two wireless networking devices so near.
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