Upgrading video card from evga 8800 to evga 285 ftw/w/back plate

i could use some suggestions on what to do for (power supply/cooling) ive done a little research on my own and wouldn't mind a little friendly advice.all help and suggestions are greatly appreaciated in advance.my case is(antec nsk6580) my mobo is(asus pk5-e/w/wifi-solo)my memory is(ocz plat pc8500 2x2g dual channel tot of 4gb 1066 speed)my cpu is (intel q6700 2.66ghz quad core)mydrive bays are(2 sony dvd burners/players)my video card is (evga gt8800gs 512) my current psu is(antec earth watt 430)my current fan is (120 mm antec tri cool 39 56 79 cfm).do you think this will work (evga 285 ftw/w/back plate)and(pc power and cooling 910w silencer)and(vantec therma flow case fan 120 mm 54.3-92 cfm)for rear and (2 antec pro 92mm 42.2 cfm for front)i know quads run hot and the video card also i just want to make sure im not making any mistakes.maybe eaven a slot cooler above video card.thanks pops_22 :o
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  1. You could take a little off the PSU spec, 910W from Pc Power and Cooling would run the GTX285 in SLI!
    Do not know how big the case is but the card is about 12" long, so check it'll fit.
    Before rushing to the checkout, take a look at a few reviews of the GTX275, it's almost as fast and a good deal less expensive.
    A slot cooler might help if you find the temperatures are a little high, as I recall the GTX285 has side vents that do exhaust into the case but I think you will be fine.
  2. thanks coozie.the 275 ftw is the best deal and the specks are great.im sticking with the 910 though for future add ons.i greatly appreaciate your time and understanding.pops_22
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