GTX 260 vs 4870x2

are there any recent benchmarks for these to cards on things like crysis as the only ones i can find are older and because the 4870x2 is new the drivers were weaker and so now the performance is probably better.
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  1. Check out X-bitlabs and Hardwarecanucks for a start.
  2. so far from what i can see the 4870x2 is better in all benchmarks 1680x1050 and cheaper is this right Im really paranoid of buying the wrong hardware.
  3. Are you going to SLI the GTX260? Otherwise the HD4870X2 is going to totally dominate a single GTX260 in any game supporting CF and will be about equal in all others.
  4. The 4870x2 is certainly much more expensive than a gtx 260. It is also far more powerful. Neither are particularly new. The 4870x2 is substantial overkill at 1680x1050.
  5. i meant 260 in SLI because i presume the performance is similar but is it better? at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080
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