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I have recently installed a nVidia GeForce 9600GT PCI Express card into my HP Pavillion Slimline s3500f. I am now concerned with the temperatures inside the very tiny case.

Using CPUID Hardware Monitor, my temperatures look like this:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5400+
-Core 1 77C
-Core 2 78C

GeForce 9600 GT
-GPU Core 58C

I'm giving you guys the max values for each hardware listed. I ran the program while playing a video game (Counter-Strike: Source) and those were the values. I do not know the temperatures before installing the graphics card. Everything inside my computer is stock except for the graphics card.

Keep in mind that the computer case itself is very small. I believe that may have a role in the temperatures.

Thank you!
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  1. The Core temps of the Athlon are high, but the other ones are ok, try running a stress-test for your cpu without the 9600GT inside the case. If temps are much lower then you have a problem, one way around it is to lower the CPU voltage in the bios as much as possible.
  2. holy crap those are high temperatures for a cpu. wow.

    try buying and installing some fans in your case to improve airflow. i know it's a small case but you can maybe purchase a 80mm fan. but you'd have to find out how much space/how many will fit in our case
  3. Yeah, cramming a fan in there (in a direction that makes it blow air out of the case) would help, if it fits that is.
  4. Would it help the heating problem to remove the case?
  5. Geez! That slimline pc case is only 4.5 inches wide, 10.9 inches high, and 13.9 inches deep. It qualifies as a small form factor case.

    According to HP the PCIe slot they included was not meant for high end cards. HP did not provide any additional information so I don't know what they consider high end.

    According to AMD the maximum temperature for the 5400+ is 55C to 68C. The individual cores would be higher.

    Those AMD cpu's came with thermal compound already applied. It was actually a thermal pad. We always got better cooling when we removed the thermal pad, cleaned the cpu and heatsink, and applied a third party thermal compound. Back then Arctic Silver 5 worked very well. Temps usually drop 4C or 5C.

    Another well documented problem is different software utilities reporting different cpu and core temps. It gets kind of crazy. How about shutting down for a few minutes. Power on the computer and post the temps at idle with no programs running.
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