EVGA 8600 GTS runs at high temps

I can't seem to get the temperature on my card to drip below 60°C (without load, its ~28°C in my room), even with underclocking.
It's been completely flat lined at 60°C, do you think it could be an error in the sensor? Or would it really always run that hot?

EDIT: I'm also running it in a Coolermaster Centurion 5 case, 120mm fan in the back, 80mm in front, and 80mm on the heatsink
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  1. so its 28c idle and 60c load? those are cool temps for a GPU, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. 28C was room temperature, 60C idle, ~75C load

    all other temps stick around >40C idle to about ~60C with load
  3. Hmmm... my MSI OC'd 8600 GTS' idle temps were around 51 - 53. But I kept the side panel out the whole time I had it.
  4. my 9800GT idles at 60c and hits 75C on load. 75C would be warm for a 8600GT but not a concern.
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