The weakest link..

Im here for some advice, Id like to overclock my computer but I want to get rid of the weakest link before I do so.

CPU: Amd Phenom II 940 x4
GFX: XFX 4850 512MB
Ram: 2x2 Gigabytes of Gskill pc6400 800mhz
Mobo: M3a78-Pro ASUS
PSU: 670 Watt

Now, here is my problem, on the video card the levels come stock at 600/1100 I believe. If I try to get a little more oomph out of my card, my computer will freeze during game and Ill have to reboot.

Also, how well does the 940 OC? Should I buy an aftermarket cooler for it?
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  1. The veteran posters here usually recommend a third party cpu heatsink to improve cooling. Here's a link to a web site with information about cpu heatsinks you might find interesting:
  2. Ok, I will check that out.

    How about hardware? How is my setup? Should I replace my video card? I am getting a 27.5 " monitor here in a month, will my card handle it or shall I get something newer?

    Hows my mobo?
  3. Do you overclock your system?
    Do you plan to use two or more video cards in your system?
  4. Ill most likely use 1, but 2 if I feel lucky.

    I want to do some wc'in.
  5. The 4850 is a good card but I think that at that res., you might run out of VRAM with only 512.
    I would recommend a 4870 or 4890 1Gig or a GTX 275 or higher 1Gig card.

    Check out toms and other charts to compare how different cards at certain res handle the games you like to play.
  6. any specs on make of the PSU ? not all PSU's actually deliver their quote wattage

    Thats the PSU Im using.
    I know my mobo is getting old, would replacing that help me at all?
    I want to get 3.5/3.6 out of my CPU
  8. Get rid of that PSU.
    A low watt Corsair, Antec Earthwatts, Seasonic, PCP&C would run that easily. Get a 600-700 Watt iif you want to CF.
  9. Is that a bad CPU?
  10. PSU*
  11. the cpu is fine its that pos raidmax thats bad
  12. Would that cause my pc to crash when I am trying to OC?
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