Temperature problem.

I have a pc with Phenom 9950 Black edition, which isn't overclocked. I'm using retail fan and heatsink and I have applied thermal grease correctly. My case is well cooled (Antec 300 + 2 additional fans, which are also installed correctly, i checked it). But still my idle CPU temperature is 41C and it gets up to 92C when rendering with 3DSmax (used Everest for measurments). Is it normal? What should I do if it's not?

Sorry for my bad English.
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  1. well those phenoms first generation did run a lot hotter. 41c stock cooling is not unusal. the 92c under load is. pretty high. make sure that the cooler fan is running at proper speed ( should be as loud as hell).

    the stock coolers from amd suck. suck really bad. there's no way of going around it. i would suggest an after market cooler such as my Scythe Mugen 2. it's really silent and cools my Phenom II under vray rendering all the way down to 54-55C range.
  2. it runs on about 3500 rpm and sometimes, but rearly, on 6000rpm. how do I make it run 6000 all the time? turning off smart fan control in BIOS doesn't seem to help, it still controls fan somehow.
  3. yeah it usually doesn't run at 6000rpm. it lists the max rpm at 4000. honestly i'd invest 40 dollars into a new cooler.

  4. i guess i'll do that. it would be great if newegg would ship to Europe. but still, just for now, could you tell me how to force my fan to work on max?
  5. i do it in two different ways. my bios allows me to set the speed of the fan 25-40, 60,100 percent.

    second way i do it is with the aod program from amd. (overdrive). there you have options for overclocking and fan speed control.


    sorry about the link to newegg, but here are is a good website for reviews and comparisons of heatsinks


    hope it helps you out.
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