MSI P67A-GD65 + 2500k OC question

Hi everyone,

I used the guide on this forum to OC my i5 2500k on the MSI P67A-GD65. The OC is really stable, but there is a problem; the computer startup sequence is weird.

What happens you might ask?

1. I turn on the pc in a normal fashion
2. The PC starts up (powers on), and I hear the fans and HDDs spinning
3. The PC stays on power for a few seconds, then powers down.
4. The PC restarts on its own and performs a normal boot into windows.

I can't find the solution for this weird problem. I have memory from the recommended list from the msi site, and updated my bios to the most recent version in an attempt to fix the problem. I have found a similar problem on another site, but this is a mb of a different brand, namely Asus. LINK ->

The solution given there is a bios update (what I've already did) or change some bios settings, but asus uses different names for the settings, so I'm confused.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. This is a very common issue and there is no consistent fix for it without a BIOS update. Every manufacturer has to come out with a specific update just for that issue.

    For now, it's not actually hurting anything. A little bit extra wear and tear because of the power-cycling, but that's it.
  2. I've also been looking at my memory, which is Corsair XMS3 CMX4GX3M2A1333C8, which is on the tested list on the MSI site, so should work. This has also been pointed out as a possible problem. What amazes me is the fact that when I use the memory configurator on the Corsair site this memory isn't in the list?? Who should I believe?
  3. Don't worry it's normal. Mine does that too.
  4. As long as it's on the list, it's been tested and is compatible. The memory configurator might need to be updated or something.
  5. Is the memory in the correct slot. It's dual channel so you should place it were your motherboard manual tells you to place it. Also I have a gigabyte ga-p67-ud4 and It had a nasty boot cycle sometimes turning on and off a couple times before booting and I updated the bios and it fixed it.
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