Radeon 4890 and Graphic issues

About a 2 months ago i upgraded everything in my system except for the cpu. I decided to go with the 4890 because of the reviews and price. But now my games dont look as good as the used to because of some wierd graphic problems i am having, here is a short list of the games and whats heppening:

Titan Quest: small blocks of shadows popping in and out, mainly in small areas like the corner of a wall.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: The whole screen looks grainy. You can barely see it, but its noticable.

Dirt: Dirt just looks plain bad, the textures are sharp, but there is a dirty film over it, the shadows look horrable. They look striped gray and black.(only way i know to describe it)

farcry 2: Kind of like dirt, when im walking up to a wall or any flat surface like that, there is thin black stripes going diagnal across the texture, until i get really close to it, then it goes away.

I think the thing that bothers me the most, which happens in most games, is when the high res textures pop in. Its like i have no AF enebaled even though i have it on the highest. I can see the super low texture until im 10ft away then the high res texture pops in. Shrubs and bushes are that ugly 2d till about the same distance. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem? i had an 8800gt before and never noticed any of this. here is my system:

Windows 7 RC
Gigabyte x48 Ds5 mobo
Intel core 2 quad q6600 OC 3.2
HIS Radeon HD 4890 core oc to 900mhz catalyst 9.6(it was doing this stuff before OC btw)
4gb Patriot viper ddr2 1066 ram
Corsair tx650 psu
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  1. bump?!?!
  2. do some troubleshooting things to isolate the problem.

    1. Test it on a different pc
    2. Wipe the drivers clean and re-install them
    3. Try a different OS (Windows 7 RC is still a release candidate obviously so it could have some effect)

    I'm guessing that 2/3 should have the biggest possibility of being true because it seems like a software problem because the card obviously still does have the capability of rendering the high res textures
  3. I dont have another pc to test it on so cant do that. I will try windows xp and see what happens. It kind of sucks because i love surfing the web and stuff liek that on Windows 7 :( lol
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