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i have bought a new nvidia 9800GTX graphic card. what wil be the best mother board to buy for my graphic card.........
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  1. What is your CPU ? and also are your RAM's DDR2 or DDR3 ?
  2. Hi,

    What is the role of chipset in performance, expecially in gaming performance?

    comsider a system
    keeping whole platform same, Same CPU, same RAM, graphics..........
    comapring two chipsets, let's say one is older series, for example P-43 intel, and another is Q-45 what would be impact on performance?
  3. So keeping other things same, chipset has little impact

    So my understanding is this

    chipset defines, what other bells and whistles are possible to integrate / add-on

    what can be ( if mobo designed so ) built-in ,
    what can be add-on by cards
    what are the possiblites of expansion ports./RAID ........

    hey but chipset also has part in accessing RAM.
  4. (sorry WarLords to steal your chances of posting and start my discussion)

    I have Intel Q9400 C2Quad 2.66 Ghz 6mb cache s775

    KINGSTON DDR II 2GB 800 ( will get more )

    idea was:
    build a good home entertainment system, sometimes gaming. sometimes heavy applications MATLAB, MAPLE etc.

    initially will use integrated audio and video, later buy expansion cards.

    first I got an intel DG43NB board ( essesntial series )

    integrated INTEL 4500 graphics
    G43 chipset
    5.1 audio

    Then I was trying to get some Intel media series board
    searched a lot for this option:

    DG45ID, ( G45 chipset, 8-channel (7.1) audio subsystem, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD onboard graphics subsystem with integrated HDMI + DVI-I display ports)

    but could not get at my locale. I heared that it had some design problem with video, so all are returned and must wait.

    then I went to ASUS, and P5QL-PRO fit in my budget for an exchange (DG43NB) deal.

    P5QL-PRO, P43 chipset, realtek 8 channel audio, no integrated graphics ...
    Plus a XFX-ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card with some more extra money to pay.

    System is fine so far, but I have'nt used its ful potential yet as gaming/entertainment ...... other heavy loads, will do slowly as i get time.

    No overclocking yet.

    ->I am in doubt, have I made the right choice? or should I had waited for another intel media series board of my budget?

    -> there were nvdia graphic cards too in same budget, so ATI or nVdia ? still in doubt.

    please clarify
  5. Thanks for taking interest and responding well.

    Well I can't go for further deals at the moment,

    and for a couple of months I must stuck to what I have now,

    my gaming would be light to mediumm, not so often, no particualrs at the moment,

    OK, so can you put your opinion in general

    Q.1) There is war between nVdia and ATI, which one would you prefer in general ?

    Q.2) What are the cons of Overclocking a system in general ? Does it shorten components/CPU life to a noticeable amount? I heared a lot about unstability , but I beleieve that overclocked system has specific needs, cooling, casing, PSU etc, which might not be meeting causing unstability.

    Q.3) I got P43, most recommended( afterwards) is P45, how far are these two from each other in performance ?

    please reply
  6. It is always nice to that you replies. thanks

    an overclocking guide on this site says, you have to adjust ( increase/decrease slowly ) vcore and RAM voltage too in combination with higher operating frequencies. only upping freqs will not work.

    another general question !

    Q.1 a board which provides much flexibility in tweaking freqs / volts individually for various components, will it withstand / stable with those extra boosting ?

    I know it depends on board quality, but still, will boosting not increase chances of failure / unstability in general?

    I mean MTF mean time between failure, would not reduce by overclocking?
    ( fail early and more prone to faults.)

    on my mobo, I initially left everything for tweaking set to AUTO as it was by default but after reading that guide:

    Keep PCI express : MANUAL at 100MHZ
    Keep PCI clock freq: Manual 33.33 MHZ ( I could not find on my BIOS )

    they vary proportionally with FSB / other tweaks, while they should be as above.
    so keep them fixed initially.

    Keep C1E : Disable
    Keep speedstep: Disable

    and similar ....

    and most of the things I still kept AUTO

    I didn't plan overclock yet, BUT YEAH i see a noticeable difference in performance,by just doing above.

    so I believe 'AUTO' was not selecting right parameteres for at least those things which I changed as above.

    I did'nt planned overclocking yet, not have good cooliing solution yet. later


    Q.2 Is it possible that other parameters like FSB, CPU freq, Vcore ( now still AUTO ) might also not be on standard factory parameters and would perform better if I keep them on some MANUAL but standard ( no boost ) values ?

    Q.3 If a system performs quite well and stable after overclocked, Why manufacturers not send us overclocked already ? Intel seems not much liking overclocking on its system ( does'nt provide free hand on their boards), so do all branded systems.

    - This is my first experience with ASUS mobo, a P5QL PRO and it seems on their products yeah they care about overclockers desires. But certain utilities does'nt leave a professional impression. like ASUS utility PC-PROBE-II, such a bad human infterface, .... I found a regular green two pin LED on this boards, can ASUS not spent a penny on surface mount LEDs while soldering all those surface mounts microships. unprofessional to me, and color of board, greyish red, not really attractive. quality of connectors/sockets reasonable, but not that nice.

    Well these are my thoughts,
    this might not be the right forum for it,

    forgot to ask

    Q How can I see what is the current value for a parameter when it is set to AUTO, i-e even at AUTO somwhere in same BIOS menu, it must show 'currently at:........'
    Better to ask this from ASUS, but who cares there.

    Q. I did'nt use any utility specially no utlity for hardware fan/temp monitor from ASUS. all bogus. Is there a good free utility which is professional enough,
    any good win7 gadget. I searched. show things visually like speedo meters, intel desktop utility is for their boards only.
  7. Well Yeah i have to go with P43 till my next jump to directly i5/i7

    but that's a littlt far fro now.

    overclocking is also I plan next month, till i get cooling sol.

    but for now, my radeon shows 65~70 C temp,

    should this also be below 60?

    it does'nt came with fan, should i go for fan on it?
  8. Maziar said:
    What is your CPU ? and also are your RAM's DDR2 or DDR3 ?

    My ram DDR3 .......
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