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I want to dual boot XP and Vista (after Win 7 RC expires) or Windows 7 and Vista (right now)

Since my computer can only have one HDD, I want to partition the 80 GB in to 30GB and 50GB. Question is if I don't want dual boot how can I merge the two partitions back into one?
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  1. Use partitioning software. I recommend using a livecd of some sorts, fire up the software, merge and reboot (and install new OS).

    A search for "partitioning software" would give ample information on programs and howto's.
  2. If you're installing a new OS, what do you need partitioning software for? Part of the OS install process asks you where you want to install it. Just remove the partitions during the install process and recreate a single partition for the install.

    -Wolf sends
  3. ^+1

    FYI partition magic is a great utility.
  4. @ Wolfshadw, I'm used to reformating XP which doesn't have a choice of removing or "merging" partitions. Which OS can do this?
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I install XP, when it asks me where I want to install it, it shows me what partitions are currently on the drive. One of the options is to delete the partition (making it an unpartitioned space). If you do that with both partitions, then you end up with one large unpartitioned space. Finally, you create one large partition for the OS, Format it, and install...

    Maybe I'm going nuts here???

    -Wolf queries
  6. I haven't seen that for XP, or maybe I'm just missing something :P
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