Sabertooth P67 + i5 2500K

First, I've spent the last two weeks reading articles about overclocking the i5 2500K and Sabertooth but as I'm reading these articles, they aren't necessarily interactive. Thus, I'm asking the community (if you don't mind)...

My setup:

Asus Sabertooth P67 Rev 3.0
i5 2500K
Corsair h70 push/pull with Gentle Typhoons (max)
Corsair 800D - all fans Gentle Typhoons (max)
Corsair 4x4gb Vengeance RAM 1600mhz

My question:

I would like a 4.5ghz overclock (minimum) at the lowest voltage, obviously. However, despite what I see others posting, I'm unable to get a stable 4.5ghz with this setup without pumping at least 1.375 Vcore with LLC on Extreme. Am I missing something? Have others had the same experience? I'm currently running it (not sure if stable) at 4.8ghz but it requires a whopping 1.4125 Vcore!!!!

Now, for temps, I'm steady at 32C (live in FL) and max under Prime 95 for about 4 hours up to 67C. I've never had the chip go over 67C.

Some posts say 1.4Vcore is too much for a daily OC. Others say it's safe. I personally would like to keep it at 1.3661v which Coretemp reports as my VID.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hmmm, I'm running a similar setup and am at 4500mhz with a vcore of 1.275 stable after 20 max ibt runs...
  2. Some people are very unlucky and cannot get their Sandy Bridge CPU beyond 4.2GHz no matter what voltage they use. Be thankful you're not one of them. If you want to keep 1.3661v for core voltage, you'll have to reduce speed. It's that simple.

    You have to decide what's more important -- overclock speed or voltage.
  3. Not sure how to select a best answer - via Chrome.

    Regardless, being happy with anything over 4.0ghz is not what most OC'ers are wont to here. I'm going to keep pushing and see what I can get with a higher voltage. Temps are really all that matters, no?
  4. If you exceed the voltage recommendations it is possible to fry your chip entirely. Don't go too high (per manu recomend) or you risk that.
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    I'm running at 4.5GHz with 1.28v; using H50 water cooling push/pull fan config in a XION Predator case (added 200mm side fan and 2 120mm fans on top), also using same mobo as you (with 50mm assist fan). My temp is 38C idle, full load never goes over 60C.
  6. Bascially some chips will OC with low volts and some will not, it all depends on the chip.

    Mine needs 1.335v to be stable @ 4.4ghz, and its needs 1.36v to be stable @ 4.5....obviously my chip isn't the greatest.
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