External enclosure for SATA HDD to work as an external source on ps3?

Ok so i have a load of spare SATA 2.5's kicking about and so got some External enclosures (Iomax U25S). I manged to get them working on my windows 7 fine no problems there But i would like to be able to use them as and extern source on my PS3 so as I can use them as a backup. Can anyone give me any help on this subject or will ps3 never recognise these HDD's?
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  1. I use a thermaltake blacX dock with a 1TB drive. I created two partitions. One 700Gb NTFS partition for windows and one 300Gb FAT32 partition for my PS3 backups. It works like a champ.

    As long as you format yor drive as FAT32, the PS3 should recognize it.
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