Convert to Dynamic Disk Missing Win XP Pro

I have scoured the internet looking for an answer but have yet to find one, alas i have decided to ask for help.

I have a machine here Dell Optiplex 760, it has Windows XP Pro installed. i have 3 HD's one 150gb system disk and two 250gb HD's i want to JBOD/Span the two 250gb's into one 500gb Volume.
i already know that the OP760 doesn't natively support Hardware Raid, i would need a Raid controller for that, i don't have/want to spend money on this.
so next option i was researching suggested JBOD or software raid, GREAT! i need to upgrade the two HD's to a Dynamic disk.

Alas in the Disk management the option when i right click the basic disk does not show the Convert to dynamic disk option. it only shows properties. mind you there are no partitions on these two HD's so its unallocated space.

I tried Downloading a 3rd party solution Aomei Dynamic disk manager, but when i go to upgrade the disk to a dynamic disk, Aomei says my OS doesn't support this feature.

Now i know XP pro supports dynamic disks, i feel like I'm banging my head against my desk.
is it possible that there isn't a service running?
or something else that I'm missing here?
a system file?
or is it because the motherboard or machine itself doesn't support HW raid makes the OS also not support DD?

please help
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  2. Really? nobody even attempts to help?
  3. Hi,
    As I know not every basic hard disk can be converted to a dynamic disk. Most of the rules regarding which disks can and can’t be converted are common sense.

    For example, removable media, such as ZIP disks and Jaz disks, can’t be converted into dynamic disks. The reason for this is simple. A dynamic disk can span multiple drives. If a volume spanned a removable disk and the disk was removed from the system, then the volume would be broken.

    Another situation in which a basic disk can’t be converted into a dynamic disk is if the basic disk exists on a laptop computer. There are a few different reasons for this., most laptops only have one hard drive. A system with a single hard disk would not gain any benefit from using dynamic disks. usually when a laptop does have multiple hard drives, one of those drives is in a docking station. This goes back to the whole removable media thing. If you remove your laptop from the docking station then a dynamic disk volume that spanned the laptop’s internal hard drive and the docking station’s hard drive would be broken.
  4. Hello Quesionboy,

    Your information is correct, however neither one applies here.

    Both disks are internal SATA HD's, and this is not a laptop, the Dell Optiplex 760 is a full size Desktop.

    Anyone else wanna stab at this?
  5. anyone ..........anyone???

    i got an email saying my thread received some answers....
    so i clicked on the link and saw that the only answers were of me bumping the post HOPING somebody would take a stab at helping me with this doosy of a problem.
    heres to more wishful thinking.....

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