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I want to replace the current power supply (220w) in my Gateway SX800-01 desktop (Model: SX) computer. I am not familiar with the type of power supply it contains. It seems small, slim, and long (height~1.5") and I have found power supplies that look similar to it called by the forms Flex ATX and 1U. Would someone clarify that for me, please?

Also, where could I get a power supply with a higher watt capacity (around 400W) at that form to where it would fit my computer. I believe that I need a power supply with a 6-pin PCIe connector since I am looking for a higher watt capacity power supply for an NVIDIA or ATI video card. Many of the PSU I looked at don't have that connector, will I need one and if so, do most of these PSUs I'm looking for have this connector?

Thank you.
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  1. With a part number from your psu, you might be able to look here for a cross-reference match, then can start shopping:


    A 6pin PCIe connector can be made (with an adapter) from two 4pin molex plugs:


    I chose that one only because the white color makes it easier to view the photo gallery.
  2. You should contact Gateway. Be careful how your word your question as they may give you a "...will void Warranty" stock e-mail reply without answering your question.

    Just ask what type of power supply you have.

    My sister had a computer with a non-ATX power supply and I gave up looking for a high wattage replacement. I think you are out of luck.

    Assuming you have the normal 20 or 24-pin motherboard connectors your only other option is to put your components in a different case and buy an ATX power supply. Considering the likely premium (if you could even find one) for a non-ATX, high Watt PSU that's your best option. Maybe you can find a cheap or free used case? (maybe get creative and have it painted).

    If you solve that hurdle your main decision on what graphics card to purchase depends on two things:
    1) your cpu
    2) budget

    First, Google or use this link to show relative CPU performance:

    An X2-4800+ can't benefit from more than an HD4770 512MB graphics card. Anything more powerful will give the same exact benefit but cost more and produce more heat.

    Based on your PSU I doubt you have a very powerful CPU. You can roughly use the ratio of your CPU comparison to the above one to a FPS comparison between the HD4770 and a lower card.

    You should wait and get benchmarks for the new 40nm NVidia desktops. They are lower end but possibly the highest you can use. The NVidia GT220 may be your best bet.

    You may not be able to play the latest games, but you can still find many games that are enjoyable. Try a bunch of demos once you get your new card. Obviously no Crysis but then I think I enjoyed Diablo 2 just as much as the eye candy games we have today so whatever...
  3. The CPU is a Core 2 Quad Q8200, which is close if not better than the X2-4800+ unless it's not listed on CPU Benchmark. I don't completely understand what you mean by that.

    I have contacted Gateway, they will not help me with this unless I call their Answers by Gateway. AbG has fees and I would only use it as a last resort.

    I did some more research. It looks like the power supply also goes by the form '1U'.

    I am not trying to have a maximum gaming computer. I'm just looking for a mid to low resolution and mid to high quality on some of the newer games. As of right now, Crysis Demo almost runs smooth with the Intel 4500X integrated graphics on low settings. Everything else I play runs very well on 1600x900 resolution (highest) and highest quality graphics.

    Does anyone know more about 1U and Flex ATX power supplies? I was thinking of just getting a Micro ATX case and/or power supply if that really is something I will have to do.
  4. As I asked earlier, can you give us the part number on the Gateway psu so we can try to actually help you.
  5. You have a MUCH better CPU than I thought you could possibly have with a 220W PSU. I don't doubt you but it's very, very surprising to me that you would have less than 350W.


    and here:

    You can handle a fairly good graphics card. Use this for a guide:

    I think your best option would be to:
    1) get a different case
    2) Install a 450W to 650W ATX PSU (depends on what card you get) Here's a really good value: http://www.ncixus.com/products/42988/S47X/PC%20Power%20%26%20Cooling/
    3) Choose a PCIe card that suits your taste.

    I recommend the HD4770 512MB. It's not the highest end but it's great value. With your CPU and 2GB or more of RAM you'll run many games very nicely. That card is also the quietest for its performance level due to the 40nm die. You would be able to play Fallout 3 with high settings @ 60FPS. You will max out Half-Life 2, Lego Batman and several other games. It will run Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 quite nicely.

    As for physics support in the above Blizzard games, it's my understanding that the physics engine will support NVidia cards, CPU's and likely newer ATI cards like the 4xxx series. Many games can't utilize all four of your cores but these games likely will (for example, one core can be used just for physics). Anyway, your system will play them very nicely.
  6. I'm sorry it took me a more than reasonable amount of time to respond. I got to open my computer just a few minutes ago.

    The Power Supply is a LITEON MODEL NO: PS-5221-06
    If you need more information on it just ask and I should have most if not all of the information from the tag on the PSU.
  7. What you have is a slimline pc case with an FTX (slimline) psu. The case is only 4.7 inches wide. A standard atx power supply will not fit in the case.

    The only option in the USA is an upgrade from the stock 220 watt psu to a 300 watt FTX power supply. The best you could do for a video card is a low power, half-height card. Sorry.
  8. I am in the same situation as I bought my wife a SX2800-03 and am now looking to get her a better video card and possibly a power supply for it.

    I do not see any FTX slimline PSUs on Newegg. Do you guys know if that is what Newegg calls that type of power supply? As far as a better video card goes, I was thinking of getting her something like this (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130474) and hoping it plays games like Sims3 or other modern games, not very hardcore or anything, but she does like to play games every now and then.

    Anyway, any links to a PSU that could replace this PS-5221-06 power supply would be appreciated.
  9. Ok, well I bought this video card for it, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121348, now I just gotta hope the existing PSU is enough cause nobody seems to know where to get an upgrade for the one in her system.
  10. If you have power problems you will need to get an ATX power supply and ATX case. Slim computers don't use ATX power supplies because of the size of ATX power supplies, but they also don't tend to have any high Wattage power supplies simply because there is no room. If you could find a well designed high wattage power supply to fit your case it would likely cost more than a moderately priced ATX power supply and case.

    So again, if you have power problems:
    1) Get an inexpensive or even free ATX case (look around, cheap or free cases may be easy to find)
    2) Get a reasonably good quality power supply such as a 450W Corsair. NCIX often has sales. Newegg is another option. Never get the cheapest quality. For the sake of saving $40 it's not worth putting your house at risk due to a fire hazard (and a quality Corsair PSU will offset it's cost by being more efficient.)
  11. hi just wanted to share my experience with the sx2800. I searched hi and low trying to find a psu replacement but just couldnt. I bought a hd4650 from newegg for this because it apparently works according to the forums on the 220watt psu. It does work but the problem is when you play games the card gets very hot. i ran around 82deg playing games like titan quest. So i finally gave in and got a new antec 300 case and a 500watt ocz psu and now it runs great. i play games like dragon quest on high settings and it keeps cool around 30-36 deg. hope this helps
  12. Okay this is closed.

    (You should check out Torchlight. It's an addictive, Diablo clone that has great reviews. It's $20 and the game looks great even on lower end machines.)
  13. photonboy said:
    Okay this is closed.

    (You should check out Torchlight. It's an addictive, Diablo clone that has great reviews. It's $20 and the game looks great even on lower end machines.)

    Funny you mention Torchlight, as her stock card in the SX2800 runs Torchlight perfectly fine with medium settings. It is not that hard on the graphics card I guess. Games like Sims3, Dragon Age, King Arthur, etc do not run well though at all, if at all.
  14. jjsteelerspro94 said:
    I'm sorry it took me a more than reasonable amount of time to respond. I got to open my computer just a few minutes ago.

    The Power Supply is a LITEON MODEL NO: PS-5221-06
    If you need more information on it just ask and I should have most if not all of the information from the tag on the PSU.

    EWzar: Would you happen to know a good location to buy one of these Liteon Power Supply M#: PS-5221-06?
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