2x Corsair CSSD-V32GB2-BRKT Nova Series 32GB SSD Raid 0

Hey guys i have a prety good concept of RAID, but i set up RAID 0 on the above mentioned SSD's but it is VERY slow even compaired to a 320GB platter drive.

I have used the standard onboard hardware raid along with the raid drivers provided on the motherboard disk and i have also tried the lated raid drivers from the manufacturers website.

Any help on how i can fix the speed problem much appreceated.




I am running Windows XP Pro but have also tried with Windows 7 X64
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  1. A question: did it start out slow, or become slow after a while?

    Another question: What motherboard?
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    RAID 0 = A lot of garbage in your SSDs and low performance, unless that you have 2 Vertex with garbage collector.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply it was slow from get go.

    I have had XP Pro installed on one of the drives without RAID and it was quick as ******* however it was slow as soon as i installed XP on the RAID configuration.
  4. xp isnt that great with ssd in the first place.. raid ssd with xp is asking for slowness (at least over time)

    as far as initially did you use a ssd utility to erase the drive? if not it could be full of garbage.
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