Random restarts- Re-install XP?

I have had my desktop going on 4 years now, and recently I have been having a problem with my computer automatically restarting itself as it starts to load windows during startup. This problem actually seemed to begin a while back when the computer would randomly restart when using the computer normally, and it seemed to happen more so when the computer or desk it was on was knocked a little bit. Then it has regressed to the point where it can't even load windows before it restarts itself. Now I am wondering if this could be a problem with windows that can be solved with a reformatting or reinstallation? Or do you think this is a hardware problem? I'd appreciate any help, thanks!
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  1. Can you boot into safe mode? As soon as your computer restarts, or you just turn it on, repeatedly tap the F8 key and eventually you'll see a list of options. Choose "Safe mode". Networking is not required. If you can get into safe mode, check the device manager to see if there are driver problems. You can also run a virus/spyware scan in safe mode, just to be sure on that.
  2. thanks for your suggestion, but I think my motherboard is toast. My monitor isn't receiving any video signal now(it was just the other day), so I'm gonna fix that first and see what happens.
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