Will the Scythe Ninja 2 fit on DFI 790fxb-m3h5?

For my new build I got the DFI lanparty m3h5 and AMD phenom II 550 BE cpu. I'm going to be overclocking the CPU obviously, and I'm not sure that the stock cooler will handle the OC. I'm not a hardcore overclocker so i guess I won't go to 4.0Ghz....but I need a cooelr which would handle an OC up to 3.7Ghz i guess. I read that the Scythe Ninja 2 is a pretty good cooler although a little expensive, and I don't know if it will fit on the mobo sinse it doesn't say that it works on am3. Also if there are any other good coolers that are cheaper for a small overclock could you please tell me. I will also use arctic silver 5 for a thermal paste. I also have the Antec 902 case which has quite abit of fans which will also help with cooling.

Also while I'm at it: I could use a small guide or some tips for overclocking this CPU. I know the basics, but some aditional help might be nice. Like what to overclock, how to overclock it, maximum overclockability ect. I won't need to unlock the 2 locked cores, but I will definitely be overclocking it.
I've heard ppl go up to 3.9 - 4.0 but thats way too much...and it's probably quite a bit of work so I'll probably jsut go up to 3.7, and later when I learn more about overclocking I might actualy oc to a higher speed.

Thanks for any help in advance. :)
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  1. AM2/AM2+/AM3 use the same mounts.
  2. i can confirm that it fits am3 socket and that it can handle the phenom overclocked to 4.0 ghz.

    since you have a be processor, raise the cpu multiplier to 18, so 18x200mhz bus speed=3.6ghz. depending on your well your processor overclocks, you will need to adjust the vcore accordingly. i can have 3.8ghz without raising any voltages, but to oc more i need to raise the vcore. you can also oc the bus spped. raise it from 200 to 205 mhz, then again every 5 to see if system is stable. (18x210=3.78ghz) boot into windows and run stress tests like prime 95 to check the temperatures and if system is stable.

    it's a lot of trial and error. will take you some time to find out what your system is capable of
  3. and definitely try to unlock the extra cores. i dont' see a reason why you shouldn't do it. try it to see if the system will be stable.
  4. I simply don't need the 2 extra cores... I just want to overclock the 2 cores I already have. Thanks for the help and I guess I'll get the ninja 2 although I was hoping for something a little cheaper. This should do I guess. Later I'll probably go for 4.0Ghz but i'm not experienced enough for that yet so I'll just take it slow with an oc to 3.6 3.7ghz.

    and btw...is it sertain that the stock cooler of the 550 won't do the job for the oc?
  5. I just read about the COOLERMASTER Hyper 212, and it seems that it also is a nice heatsink with a fan. I need to confirm that it is. If it is I will probably get it since it's cheaper. Remember: I'm not pushing my cpu all the way for now, and I'm on a tight budget. Also I'm always with the am3 mobo so I wanna be sure that it's also gonna fit the dfi m3h5 model.

    Thanks :)
  6. http://www.frostytech.com/top5heatsinks.cfm

    this website has nice review and nois/performance comparison among various heatsinks. they also have a review of the hyper 212

  7. why are there 2 hyper 212s?? cuz I read the review and then I see godless's review and both are coolermaster hyper 212 but they are actualy different.


    the one I found: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2206&page=1
    the one that godless provided: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2419&page=1

    I see that the one that godless provided it states that it works with am3, and in mine it doesn't but it does say that it works for am2 and am2+ which I guess means that it will also work with am3 since I've read that am2 and am3 are the same sockets for the heatsinks. ...I hope.
    and if they are different heatsinks which one would be better...?
    i think the one that godless provided would be the better one seeing both reviews but I don't see it being sold anywhere from local store to newegg.com/ca online. I only see the the oen I fould. This seems odd.
    thanks :P
  8. yes the am2/am2+/am3 sockets are the same. all coolers fitting any of the sockets will be compatible with the rest.

    the only difference that i see from the two heatsinks is the fan. i'd go with the 212 plus, it seems to be able to hit higher rpm, which means more cooling power. Hopefully it won't be too loud.
  9. problem is I can't find the 212 plus anywhere. I only see the normal one. Strange if you ask me.
    jsut in case I don't find it, should I go for the normal one or is there another heatsink that will do the job and not be over 50$?

    the hyper N520 seems nice aswell although a little too big and it uses a 3 pin connector insted of a 4 pin which I don't know if makes any diffrence, and it costs a little over 50$ which I would be willing to pay if it's worth it....or I'll just get the hyper 212 (the one that I can find since the one that godless provied is nowhere to be found).
  10. ok I looked at some ocz coolers and it seems that they actualy have qutie nice choises like the gladiator max and vendetta 2. I will read the whole reviews for those 2 and I guess I might get one of them since they are not expensive and they use a 4 pin connector.

    now for the vendetta 2 i read that it blocks 2 ram slots. Will that be the case for the DFI m3h5?
    the dfi m3h5 also has a big north bridge heatsink going all the way around to the I/O panel and I don't know if that will block the installation of the vendetta2.
    thanks ^^
  11. ok so I've finaly chosen to buy one of the following:
    OCZ Galdiator MAX
    OCZ Vendetta
    OCZ Vendetta 2

    I haven't seen them in real life though and I have no idea which will be better for overclocking and for fitting on the DFI m3h5 motherboard. So I need some help with that and I'll go buy the cooler. :)
  12. Whats your budget?

    Mugen 2 is easily the best performance for the price, but its huge. The Sunbeam CCF and Xigmatek HDT-s1283 also are extremely good.
  13. budget is 50$ ...i guess i could give 55$ + tax. thats why I chose those 3...if I had 100 bucks I'd jsut go and buy zalman cnps9700. so ya XD

    i checked out the SUNBEAM CORE CONTACT FREEZER 4 and it looks good and nice price but I'm not sure if it fits on the mobo. ...will it? and how about the other 3 OCZ that I mentioned?
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