ATX Machine - No Beeps/Fans Spin/No Boot

ATX machine fails to boot (i.e. nothing happens, no bios, no screen activity), except green mbd light on and CPU fan spins, along with all case fans.

DVD drive won't open, no power lights on case. PSU appears to have fan movement, but difficult to tell.

Multi-meter readings off PSU connector as follows:

Red: Pins 4,6,21-23 = 5.09V
Yellow: Pins 10-11 = 12.0V
Orange: Pins 1-2, 12-13 = 3.4V
Purple: Pin 9 = 5.07V
Gray: Pin 8 = 0.00V before power on, 4.73V after
Green: Pin 16 = 5.02V before power on, 0.01/2V after

Spare power connector shows yellow = 12.01V and red = 5.1V.

CPU: Intel Pentium D CPU 830 3.00GHz
GPU: NVidia GeForce (not sure of the model, 6600GT I think)
PSU: Akasa 460W (AK-P460FG)
HD: Couple of 350GB SATA
DVD Burner and DVD-Reader/CD-Burner

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try unlocking the CPU Heat Sink and verify that the processor is locked in the socket and not just sitting on top of the socket.


    Recently, a relative brought a couple of systems over for me to work on. One was an older system which really wasn't worth fixing and the other was only a couple of years old and had been given to him.

    Well, the system which had been given to my relative had exactly the same problem. It had on board video, but also the previous owner had a PCIe video card which they removed before giving the system away.

    I checked the system over thoroughly, then checked with my relative. He told me to go ahead and strip it for any parts I could use and through the rest away. So the first thing I did was to remove the CPU Heat Sink and was stunned to see that there was no processor in the socket. Then it dawned on me to look at the under side of the heat sink. Sure enough, the processor was stuck there.

    I removed the processor, raised the lock bar on the socket, placed the processor in the socket then locked it in place, then reattached the heat sink. After that, the system started with no problems. :)

    I installed a new hard drive & DVD burner (both from the old system) and I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium on the system for my relative. Then I configured it and made sure he had everything on it he needed and that everything was fully updated.
  2. You can also try the CMOS battery (looks like a silver, round watch battery).

    When you have the CMOS battery out and the PSU unplugged:

    1. Discharge the capacitors by holding down the power button for one minute.
    2. Reset the CMOS by using a jumper or the Clear CMOS button (whichever your motherboard uses).
    3. Keep battery out for 24 hours.
    4. Doesn't fix it, get new battery as yours may be dead.
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