2600K IntelBurnTest errors at low overclock, why?

I have a 2600K and I get errors if I run IntelBurnTest with these settings: 8 Threads, custom 16 MB memory, 500 tests

The error happens within seconds, even though my CPU runs dozens of hours 8 threads Prime95 without a problem.

I am only overclocked to 3.8 GHz 50C (I backed off from 4.0 GHz)

I will try backing off even more. If it still happens at 3.4 GHz I guess I'm screwed. Either that or this IntelBurnTest program is buggy (and I think it wasn't written by Intel).
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  1. BTW I get the errors about once every 200 tests (when you choose custom 16 MB, IntelBurnTest can complete hundreds of tests in a few seconds)
  2. IntelBurnTest Custom 12MB 6 threads seems to produce tons of errors on my CPU.

    Anyone else see this?
  3. OK I'm still getting problems with i2600K at 3.5 GHz (the lowest turbo setting my ASUS P8P67 allows) and memory at SPD settings.

    Custom 12 MB and 6 threads under ItelBurnTest triggers errors within seconds.

    My cores are at around 30C.
  4. OK I think I solved my own problem.

    IntelBurnTest may be bug-ridden: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=197835&page=35

    i7 stock 64mb ram 8 threads = fail
    i7 stock standard ram 8 threads = pass
    i7 stock maximum ram 8 threads = fail
    i7 stock 128 mb ram 8 threads = pass
    i7 stock tried all above 16 threads = pass
    i7 OC same results as above
    9450 quad stock same as above
    9450 OC same as above
    tested 2 other i7's same results as above.
    Hope this makes it clearer.

    Yes it does, thank you again for your contribution

    Looks like the new Linpack binary (created by Intel in April 2009) doesn't like certain test size combinations with 8 threads.

    So the conclusion is: 16 threads for single Core i7 w/ HT, 32 threads for dual Nehalem servers, and "Auto" for everything else, yields the most accurate results"

    And it sounds like there are even more bugs later in that thread.
  5. Intel-burn test always shows errors, even when Prime95 and OCCT passed without errors. I think that Intel-burn test is not reliable, because when my rig will pass 6 hours prime95 torture, clearly the system is rock-stable.
  6. when intelburn test error check Ram setting and Vdim and vcore maybe not enough, i love this because simple and extreme.
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