I just got the PNY Geforce 9800GTX+ XLR8 Performance Edition.

...and the box said that the minimum watts needed is 450. My PSU is below that, I think it is 350 or 375, not sure.

I am getting a new PSU and am wondering what will happen if I continue to play games (Call of duty WAW) maxed out at 1280x1024 with this current PSU?
Will it fry on me or something? Is it safe to continue playing my games while I wait to get a new psu? If not will it be ok to just use the computer for just normal stuff such as internet etc rather than gaming?
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  1. How any amps on a 12v rail?
  2. idk, im not too knowledgeble on computers. But I can tell that it's not enough, because my screen has these sort of lines moving through it that are hard to see but you can see it if you focus on them. And no they are not from the refresh rate because they werent there before i got the gpu.
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