Hyper x slow with win 7

Hello, community. I have a problem with my Hyper X module 4GB/2 in a DP965LT Intel Motherboard with windows 7 64bits installed. The problem I'm having is that anytime I have the hyper x placed in the motherboard, it gets really slow and the system takes a long time to start-up. I though it was the memory the first time, so I got new ones and installed again, and again the same problem. However, this problem did not occurred when I had install a normal DDR2 memory of two gigs. When I have win XP installed with the hyper X, I did not have any trouble. Have you heard about this issue? any comments or help you can bring me?
I will appreciatte it
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  1. maybe windows 7 needs a fresh install to correctly identify your ram
  2. try overcooler
  3. I would check your memory in your bios to make sure its being read correctly, I have 12GB Kingston Hyper X@1600 and it works perfect on Win7.
  4. some one told me hyper x wasn't really good with 7 it was more meant for windows xp
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