XFX ATI HD4890 No screen on boot and those familiar 3 red lights

Hi so i have just finished putting together my first computer today, only to cry a little when i turn it on and nothing shows up on the screen. After searching all day i have found many a post on the 3 red lights of doom for the 4870 but none have been really that usefull. So i decided to open one for the 4890 in specific. I have tried many things swapping the card out to another PCIE changing the leads from the psu, I have even contacted XFX and the support technician says "Those are power indicator lights. If the lights are not going away than the power connections are not plugged in correctly. Make sure that you have the 6 pin and 8 pin connection plugged in to the card. The 8 pin connector will not work with a 6 but I believe your power supply does have a 6+2 connection which should work. " Now before i go further i will list my comp parts which would prob help

Phenom II X4 955
Asus M4A79-T Deluxe
Corsair TX750W
640G|WD WD6401AALS
Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz DDR3
All within a Tempest gaming case which has 6 fans

Now ive also done a check for power needs with all that and it said i needed 450w so i should be plenty good. One question though is the 4890 requires a 6 pin power connector and an 8 pin, now my psu doesnt have an 8 pin it has a 6+2 which as said above should be fine but... does anyone know for sure. Please any help is appreciated
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  1. When I plugged the numbers into the PSU calculator, I actually came up with 361w, which confused the crap out of me. I expected it to be higher.

    But anyway, the 6+2 connector is the same as an 8-pin one. Just plug that one in along with a normal 6 pin one (or another 6+2 if that's all the PSU has, I don't really know) and it should be good to go. You've got plenty of wattage and plenty of amperage to spare, so it should boot up just fine.

    Is it properly seated in the slot?
  2. Yes i have taken it out checked for any dirt or other substance tried moving the card between all 4 pcie slots, and i have it connected with one 6 pin and a 6+2. Today i tried all combinations of each of my 4 pcie 6+2 connectors from the psu and still all i get is those same 3 red lights. I am at a loss. If i only new what the problem was then i could send "it" back and get a new one. Problem is i dont know what "it" could be, the card it self the mobo the psu the ram could be any of those things right ?
  3. The LEDs indicate a critical power fault, or an overheating error. Depending which 3 are on means various things from plug A or B not in, critical core power fault, or temperature shutdown warnings. Unless the card is broken the LEDs will mean you don't have enough power, as the temperature LED wont come on unless the card is broken until it is loaded.
  4. D1601, 02, and 03. D106 remains unlit. I think its my mobo because it doesnt even post no beep of any sort contacted asus and he asked me to take the ram out and start it then, it should have 1 short beep 2 long and nothing so im rmaing it ill keep you guys posted if the new mobo fixs the problem, cause i see alot of these posts (3 red lights) and non have really gotten to what the problem is.
  5. Can you test the card in another computer?

    Basically, you need to troubleshoot by swapping parts. Most likely it's your PSU, motherboard or graphics card. Motherboard is most likely suspect.

    See if you can borrow another graphics card.

    A) another PCIe card works in your system AND your card works in another system it's likely your PSU

    B) Your card does not work in another system, it's likely your graphics card.

    C) Another previously confirmed card does not work in your system, it's your PSU or motherboard.

    Troubleshooting is pretty easy. It's having the parts that is difficult. It's more likely that it would be the Motherboard or poorly seated componenet then that PSU.
  6. I seem to be having the same issues. I did do a little troubleshooting and simply removed the card, and the computer POST'd. No display from the card, so not sure what happened. All I did was switch the card from one build to another. Ugh....one computer issue after another.

    In my case, I don't think it's a power issue, simply because my PSU is 900W accross 6 rails, ANd I've tried booting with the card plugged in and everything else unplugged (drives fans etc) at a loss of what could have happened, but whatever happened, happened so my card doesn't work anymore. Exceptionally difficult becuase I'm liquid cooling all my components, to remove one is just....bleh.
  7. Hi iaisis i have buy the same video card here in Italy and i have your same problems, i tried the card on two differents computer with the supply of 550w and 600w and then i discover that this type of cards have all the same problems they are defective of factory.
    Now i'm trying to change with others products..
    Sorry for my bad english..
  8. Alright so i finally got my mobo back and that seemed to be the problem for me, booted up and everything works fine. 3 red lights came on at first then turned off in 3 seconds. One thing i did different this time though was my I/O plate had a foam like padding on the inside that i had to push my mobo against to get the screws to line up, i ripped it off. So my mobo didnt have to fight against it everything lined up perfect.. should have tried that to begin with, got me thinking that that could have been the problem in the first place.
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