Overclocing Athlon II635 x4 problem.

Good day,

I recently bought a new cooler for my computer and i wanted to overclock it. I have done it before so i knew what i needed to do. But then i encoutered a problem that i was not prepared for.

When i (re)boot my pc my motherboard says "Overclocking failed. Press F1 for bios (or so), Press F2 to set defaults." When i enter the BIOS (F1) and go to my settings and lower the clock (from 228 to 227) or even when i just press save changes (when i did nothing) it boots normal. And no crashes.

I have a CPU-z pic (With the CPU set on 228 instead of the normal 200.)

Can someone tell me whats wrong and what i can do about it?
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  1. Try keeping the clock the same and moving the Multiplier up.
  2. Did not work :(.
  3. Multi is locked on that CPU....It is your memory causing this issue as raising the ref. clock not only raises CPU clock speeds but also mem clock speeds....Try setting your mem to a lower setting before OCing the ref. clock... for instance if you have 1333 MHz RAM change it to 1066 MHz ...when you raise the ref. clock it will bring up the mem speed as well as the CPU.
  4. Ok i will try that. i report in in a min
  5. *sorry for dubblepost but i was unable to edit*

    Thanks! You are a hero! It worked :)
  6. NP...Glad I could help remember to choose a best answer so the thread can be closed..Always read the stickies at the top of the forum pages as they contain loads of useful computer related knowledge...Happy Tinkering
  7. Sorry,

    But after i booted my PC today it did it again. However when i go into the BIOS and just save (without chaning anything) it boots normal. I don't get it...
  8. Change the CMOS Battery its just a watch battery..See if that helps the problem
  9. unless you increase voltage all around you need to underclock your memory to achieve a better overclock on the cpu. Meet them in the middle. Loosening your Ram timings will help if you are overclocking the Ram too.

    and as stated by another your cpu has a locked multiplier so don't even mess with that. the black edition CPUs are best for OC if you are interested in taking it further. My 955BE hits 3.75ghz with minimal voltage increase by upping the multiplier.
  10. I have recently overclocked my X4 640 600mhz above the stock. I am running memory that is suppose to run at 1333 with a cas7, but I for some reason it run at cas9 at 1333mhz. I preset the memory to 1333 manually and left everything to auto except the bus. I was able to up the bus from 200 to 240 and everything else clocked with it. anything above that could cause a crash.

    If you lower the ram even more I believe you should be able to up the bus more, but leave everything else auto. I'm just getting into OCing, and this worked for me. I think you can mess with other setting but I'm not knowledgeable to know what else to mess with. When you are done I'd run a standard intelburn stress and make sure it doesn't crash.
  11. If I calculated that right your memory is actually at 1600 MHz..as you have the BCLK at 240 thats a 20% increase in clockspeeds on the CPU and RAM..So, then your memory is auto timing itself to CAS 9 due to the increase in clockspeed. Thats an XMP (Extended Memory Profile)--CAS 9@1600 MHz---on most memory.
  12. when i originally installed my ram and had everything set to auto the ram was rated out of the package 1333mhz at cas 7. With nothing OCed cpuz recognized the ram was at 1333 cas9?? The ram speed does change when I OC the bus.
  13. Set the RAM at rated voltage and let me know the full list of your components.
  14. You mentioned that you calculated to get the outcome of my cas latency. Is there a good site that gives you a break down of the formulas for the clocking rates? I'd like to understand this more and hoping it will help me understand overclocking and how the components work in conjunktion.

    I will be on the other computer tonight to see if I can't set the ram voltage and let you know the outcome.

    The computer is running these parts

    gigabyte 890FXA-UD5
    Gskill 2x4GB CAS 7@1333
    Athlon X4 640
    ATI 5870
    Silent Pro Gold 750W
    Hyper 212
  15. Good rig, and we have the same mobo plus I owned that cooler too.
  16. Ok know I feel old. I'm exhausted trying to figure out how to get all my cropped pictures of cpuz on this post. any help? I don't do this stuff enough.
  17. I have the same problem...someone told me the print screen button on the keyboard does the screenies...yet mine does nothing....
  18. Guys, exist two options for do those print screen.

    1- Only available if you use Win 7, look for the snipping tool in accessories, save it an use a site like Flicker to upload it to the web, after that, share the link here.
    2- Press the "Print Screen", open paint and use Ctrl + V for paste the picture. Save it and do the same steps for upload it to the web.
  19. Thanks Saint..... :pt1cable: that about damn near drove me crazy.... Snipping away... :lol: I always wondered what that did...
  20. Frustrating....I was trying to use paint and every time I would paste i couldn't paste each snap shot beside each other. They kept wanting to paste on top of each other. I don't know if windows 7 paint is different than what i'm use to or what.

    I'll check out flicker when i get a chance.
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