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I just got done building my first build and was very carefull all the way through. I plugged my Monitor which is a 22 inch LG LCD into the VGA slot and when I turn the puter on the screen stays in power saver mode. To note I have not yet bought a Video Card and am going off the MOBO's On board video. Now the CPU Fan plugged into the MOBO turns on so I think this MOBO is getting power. I also saw the Ethernet hook up port light blink once when I first turned on PC. What's causing this did I hook something up wrong or is My MOBO fried or something?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The MOBO is a ECS GF 8200A with Nvidia Geforce 8200 Chip set.
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  1. Ok so Disregard my post, my friend and I went through it and discovered that I had missed a 12v plug in on my motherboard which was the problem thanks anyone who looked and thought about it have a great one!!!
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